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Ever sat staring at that shelf full of games you don’t play anymore?

Ever thought about that lonely box of childhood games you’ve got sat in the loft collecting dust?

Looking for a way to fund that new release you’ve been waiting months for?

Find yourself wondering… “What’s the easiest way to sell my games?”


Don’t worry! Here at GEX we know the feeling!


We’re here to provide you with a quick and easy, hassle-free way to de-clutter your house and make some money doing it! Whether you’re looking to have a simple clear out or need some extra pennies to pick up some newer games, we offer competitive pricing across all Playstation 2 titles. Our prices are constantly kept up to date to reflect the ever changing values of these games, ensuring that whenever you decide to sell to us, you will always get the best price we can offer! 


We’ll buy your PS2 games for cash!


Whilst you may be tempted to sell your games through an online auction site, there is a lot of hassle involved… from individually listing each game, waiting for a sale, postage and packaging and un-seen fees chipping away at your final sale price, the whole process can be long and drawn out. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we offer a service that allows you to clear out your PS2 games at no cost to yourselves!


If you decide you’re happy to sell to us, our system is easy and straightforward… simply:


  • Decide what you want to sell (and check our ‘Condition’ guide to make sure everything meets our requirements!).

  • Search for your games on the search bar at the top of the page. (From Ace Combat to Zone of the Enders, we have thousands of PS2 titles in our catalogue!)

  • Checkout and create an account if you haven’t already.

  • Print your FREE postage label provided by us and Pack your order before dropping off at your nearest drop off point.

  • Finally, sit back and wait – as soon as we have received your games we will do our final quality checks before paying out your money!


For a more in-depth look at our process, you can always check our guide!


We always strive to provide world class service as well as the best prices we can offer at the time to ensure your selling experience is as easy and stress-free as possible!


What’s so special about the PS2?


Released in the year 2000, the Playstation 2 and went on to become one of the most loved consoles as well as the best selling, with over 155 million units sold with sales running strong well into the release of the next generation of consoles! Whilst the popularity of the PS2 is often said to be due to it’s ability to play DVD’s, the platform is a favourite amongst gamers with titles ranging from AAA action games to a large selection of Japanese Role Playing Games, the console has something for everyone and that’s without mentioning the backwards compatibility it has with the original Playstation console!


The last game to be released on the PS2 was Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, released a whopping 13 years after the launch of the console! With 13 years worth of games, including favourites like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Final Fantasy X, Gran Turismo 4 as well as titles that spawned series that gamers still anticipate today like God of War and Kingdom Hearts, combined with a whole host of cult classics you can be sure that the PS2 remains a popular console even today!


After being around for 20 years and with so many games on offer… it’s easy to see how many people accumulate stacks of PS2 games that end up sitting on a shelf… If this sounds like you and it’s time for a clear out then hopefully you’ll be happy with our prices – and possibly quite surprised by just how much some of the newer and rarer titles can be worth!

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"Excellent and prompt service. No problem at all."
By Mr. taylor - March 2018.

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"fast delivery great prices 5 *"
By Mr. Davies - March 2018.

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"Fantastic store and staff are always happy to help and always go out of their way to do so. Always knowledgeable and most definitely know their stuff when it comes to gaming etc."
By Mr. Banwell - January 2018.

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4.4/5 Stars

"There's a few game shops in the local area but we always seem to end up here, large selection of games at competitive prices and the staff are very helpful. Definitely my favourite gaming shop"
By Mr. Seale - February 2018.

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“Amazing experience with great service in COVID - 19”
Tommy Edwards - 18 Jun 2020

“Very prompt service and well received”
Scott Barton - 12 Jun 2020

“Very efficient company and easy to use!”
Marianne Vie 05 Jun 2020

“Great Customer Service. Would definitely use again”
Neil Dodson 28 May 2020

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