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We quality check all games that come in so please read the following as we need to get this bit right.

We want..

Discs/carts in good condition and working..

To try and give you an idea of good condition we are looking for a minimum grading score of 7 out of 10. A brand new disc/cart would score 10/10 and a Heavily scratched one is 1/10.

We accept light scuffs/scratches that a disc/cart would pick up from normal use.

The disc/cart must play perfectly without skipping or freezing.

Carts must have labels and art stickers intact.

Discs and Cartridges must be original UK Pal versions

Any art sleeves/covers, boxes or manuals supplied with the game must be original.


We don't accept..

Medium or heavy scratches to the top or bottom of any disc.

Warped, misshapen or discoloured discs.

Pin prick type damage even if the rest of the disc is mint.

Cracks anywhere even small ones to the centre of the disc.

Fake or copy games (errrgghh)

Bundle or promo versions of any games.

Reprinted art sleeves/covers, manuals or boxes

Any art sleeves/covers, manuals or boxes that are moisture damaged or mouldy.

Any artwork or manuals that do not match their game,

Any games missing accessories that would have originally been included..

Any games with accessories that are faulty or damaged.


 Selecting the condition drop down options on our products


3DS, Dreamcast, GameBoy, GB Advance, GameCube, Master System, Megadrive, N64, NES, DS, PS1, PSP, Saturn, SNES, Switch, Vita,

These platforms all have a drop down condition selection for you to select one of three options..

  1. Complete (good condition) Choose this if your game has a disc/cart, manual, box, art sleeve/cover and accessory and they are all in good condition.
  2. Box Damaged or Manual Missing. Choose this if either one or both of these are true. Art sleeves/covers must still be in good condition so we can rebox your item.
  3. Game Only (no box) Choose this when you have the disc or cartridge only and no box or art sleeve/cover. They can be with or without manual.


PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii-U.

There is no drop down menu to select condition for these platforms. These are ok to send with no manual but the art sleeves/covers and discs must be in good condition as described above.

Unsure about condition?

If you are in any doubt if we would accept, revise or reject an item feel free to contact us for friendly advice as that's our job.

Or you can just send us your items on the basis that you are happy to accept a revised price offer or have it rejected. Please see the process below.

If you would not be happy to accept revisions it is probably best you don't send any items you are unsure about.


Revised offers and rejected items

Items that fail our quality check will be subject to a revised price offer if it's still possible for us to repair your game.

If you reject the revised offer or we have rejected the item in the first instance you will have a choice..

  1. We can return the products to you for a small postage fee 1-14 items is £3.00 15+ items is £6.00.If you have any credit from other items you have sent we can deduct the cost from those.
  2. You can arrange your own collection.
  3. We can dispose of the items free of charge.

If we don't hear from you within 14 days from notifying you we will dispose of the reject items. We will always try to resolve any issues but our quality control decision is final.

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"Excellent and prompt service. No problem at all."
By Mr. taylor - March 2018.

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"fast delivery great prices 5 *"
By Mr. Davies - March 2018.

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"Fantastic store and staff are always happy to help and always go out of their way to do so. Always knowledgeable and most definitely know their stuff when it comes to gaming etc."
By Mr. Banwell - January 2018.

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4.4/5 Stars

"There's a few game shops in the local area but we always seem to end up here, large selection of games at competitive prices and the staff are very helpful. Definitely my favourite gaming shop"
By Mr. Seale - February 2018.

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“Amazing experience with great service in COVID - 19”
Tommy Edwards - 18 Jun 2020

“Very prompt service and well received”
Scott Barton - 12 Jun 2020

“Very efficient company and easy to use!”
Marianne Vie 05 Jun 2020

“Great Customer Service. Would definitely use again”
Neil Dodson 28 May 2020

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